Know where your leads are coming from

Seemlessly connect your Source information to your CRM and find out which channels perform the best.

Why Source Data Matters...

Making the crucial link between your CRM data and the traffic sources can help your business in multiple ways:


Knowing which source your customer came from allows you to send the right emails at the right time


With conversion information in your CRM you can backtrack to see the original source that brought the user


Find out which sources peform the best and calculate your Return on Investment


Use the source information to optimize your marketing campaigns and run channel specific email remarketing

Introducing SourceLink

With SourceLink you can seamlessly link the sources your users are coming from with their profile in your CRM. With that information you’ll be able to understand your most effective marketing channels, even if your conversions happen later.

Set up your source tracking in 3 easy steps


Install our JavaScript snippet on your Website

Our Tracking code will automatically detect the sources users are coming from and cateogrize them into their respective channels. We’ll then send that data to our server.


Provide your API Key

SoureLink syncs directly to your CRM. Simply provide the API key and we’ll set up custom fields for you as well as provide the source data once a new user signs up.


Enjoy your New Source Data in your CRM

You’ll see your new source data directly in the user profile. From there you can use it to build reports, target the users or run analysis such as ROI or Attribution reports

...so simple, right?

What data do you get with SourceLink?

UTM Parameters

If SourceLink finds UTM parameters in the LadingPage URL, they will be saved and pushed to your CRM. We support all standard UTM parameters (and even the new ones)


A refferer is the last know domain the user came from. SourceLink automatically detects the referrer and saves it to your CRM.


If your the Landing Page URL includes a GCLID (Google Click ID) or any other knows Click parameter (such as FBCLID), we’ll include it in the data set we sent to your CRM

Landing Page

Sometimes you don’t have any source information available, but maybe you can infer it from the page the user lands on. That’s why SourceLink also provides the Landing Page URL in the dataset.

Built with experience

SourceLink was built by Julian and the team at MeasureSchool.  For over 10+ years we have helped thousand of students, hundreds of businesses and our 170k+ subscribers on YouTube get the most out of their tracking and data. During that time we were entrusted with tens of thousand of email addresses, which we saved in our CRM. But we never knew the source of these emails. And thus the idea for SourceLink was born.

With SourceLink we can account for every source from user in our database which let’s us do highly accurate attribution and tracking, ROI analysis and really gives us a data advantages.  

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We are fortunate to have worked with great brands

Common Questions

SourceLink is an open book. Have a look at our most frequently asked questions or contact us directly with your question.

SourceLink works by identifying the source of the user by examining the Landingpage URL and Referral sources. We send this data to the SourceLink server, where it gets held until the user enters an email address into a form field. Once this information is also sent back to the server, we match it with the previous capture source information and send it to your CRM via the API connection.

Yes, we store the source information, landingpage a unique user id and the email address, which we use to identify the user in your CRM and sync the source information to the user profile

No, you don’t need to change your existing forms. We provide the source information via API Connection

Not currently, but it’s is on our roadmap. Let us know if you are interested in this feature.

The conventional way of linking your source information to the user profile is to capturing that information in a cookie and then adding it to hidden form fields in the form. This requires setting up these hidden fields first, which can take time, as a developer will need to add the necessary markup to the form itself. And if you have multiple forms it can take a lot of time to adjust them all.


SourceLink doesn’t works differently. Through it’s API Connection abilities, it can add the source information without any hidden form fields. This makes it very easy to setup. Just install our JavaScript code, provide the API Key and enjoy your source information.

We are aware that some CRM platforms provide the information already, but sometimes this is only available if you use their out of the box forms or landing pages. If you are seeing gaps in your data, then we’d still recommend to check out SourceLink

How is SourceLink different from my CRMs built-in UTM Tracking?

Yes. UTM Tracking by CRM platforms is often referred to as the feature that adds UTM parameters to the end of links that appear inside of Emails, Text or other outgoing communications. 

It is does not include the ability to read those UTMs on the website and add them to the users profile inside of the CRM. That’s what SourceLink does.

In an ideal world, not longer than 3 min.  You add our code snippet to your page and provide us with the API key. That’s it.

Sometimes it takes longer. It really depends on your organizations ability to add a JavaScript code to your website. If you have to ask someone else to add it to your site, it may take longer.

No, not at all. The most technical part is in the setup, which requires to copy/paste a JavaScript tracking code. Our onboarding team will be able to assist you with that.

Once installed, the information will be available in your users CRM profiles. You can use it without needing to access any third party interface.

Yes, SourceLink operates with high privacy standards and adheres to the standards of GDPR. You can read our Privacy Policy here. 

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